It’s been the kind of week…

You know the kind… when you’re tired for no physical reason but the days are wearing you out.  My kids are in a phase where being in the same room with one another is all the motivation they need to start yelling, hitting and otherwise behaving like maniacs.  They were both grounded before Monday morning was over as the morning started out with arguments over the last frozen waffle and a kicking war that started with the dreaded “she’s staring at me.”  To be honest, it really hasn’t just been this week, this has been going on for several weeks now and it’s only getting more and more frustrating as time goes on.

As homeschoolers there is no respite for any of us, from any of the others of us.  It’s a choice my husband and I made last fall and one I still think is the right one, but during times like this it’s incredibly hard.  I wonder at times how I’ve managed to teach my kids such terrible manners, such well-timed sarcasm and where they’ve learned their wide range of inappropriate movie quotes.  My ten year-old daughter is currenly on a British comedy kick and I’m hearing a lot of insults from Monty Python.  It’s getting harder and harder to take them out in public.

I know in most of these things the blame rests squarely on me.  I find sarcastic humor hilarious and use it constantly, I come from an extremely casual family where etiquette was not enforced and I am a huge fan of quoting movies.  The British comedy thing is totally my husband’s fault.  The more time I spend with my girls, the more I realize just how much the pick up from me, both good and bad.  I am an avid reader and they both love to read.  I am a musician; my older daughter is becoming a wonderful pianist.  I love eclectic fashion and style; my younger daughter puts together unique looks all her own.  They’re both strong-willed, unwilling to conform, constantly questioning… just like me.  Those are things that make them difficult to parent, but they’re also traits that I wouldn’t change either in myself or in my girls!

I pray that my girls will always have a strong sense of who they are, that they will never feel the need to conform to the world around them.  God made them unique, designed for a special purpose, and if they aren’t strong enough to be who they are then they won’t be able to fulfill that purpose.  I want them to be able to ask questions, to work things out in their own minds and hearts so that one day when they leave our home they will stand firm in their beliefs because they will betheirbeliefs and convictions!

So I guess after a week (or couple of weeks) like we’ve been having, I need to just remember all of this, right?

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