The Blessing of an Unwanted Campout

I spent this weekend camping at nearby Lake Livingston with my family, which was wonderful, but to be honest I really didn’t want to go.  My husband, Kent, does Adventure Princess’s with our 2 daughters and normally they go camping and I get to stay at home for some much needed alone time, but once a year they have a family campout.  I’ve never been an outdoors kind of girl so camping is not  much of a vacation to me, but I was even less enthusiastic than usual this year because I just felt like I had too much to do to take this time out and go out of town to do something that I don’t really like to do anyway…right??

I just started homeschooling my 10 year old and 7 year old daughters this past fall, so the amount of free time I have has gone from LOTS to NONE in a very short amount of time and I am still adjusting.  I do quite a bit of volunteer work, and I thought I had pared down these activities to a manageable level as I prepared to have the kids with me all the time, and over the last couple of months I’ve realized that I grossly overestimated my abilities.  I realized this week that I need to be in prayer over what I need to give up control of so that I can stay focused on what’s important.  Maybe even clean my house every now and then!

Back to the camping issue; I really felt like I needed to stay at  home, catch up on emails, get some work done for a church committee that I chair, some research done for a mission agency that I volunteer with, vacuum, etc.  But my husband pressed me on the issue and pointed out that my daughters would be disappointed if I skipped this and that it would be a good chance to relax away from my email, computer and laundry duties.  He was right.  Several times over the last couple of days I found myself amazed over a beautiful sunset, filled with peace sitting around a fire listening to the sounds of the trees or just joyful over the girls’ flying kites.

Enjoy the blessing of an unwanted campout.

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