Holiday Let-down

Am I the only one who gets super-excited about upcoming holidays, does lots of planning and cleaning and “fun” activities leading up to the day, and then ends up totally stressed and ultimately wiped out wondering what it was all for?  No, I know I’m not.  Every year, particularly in church, I hear about refocusing our holidays on Christ and simplifying and how that will lead to more joy.  It’s usually centered around Christmas but it applies to Easter as well I’m sure… Why can’t I get there?  It makes me feel bad, like I’m not spiritual enough, not “Christian” enough and I know that’s just a lie Satan is giving me.

My husband Kentand I offered to host Easter dinner at our house this year, which was a first as far as holiday meals go.  Honestly, we have the smallest house of anyone in the family and I have a big family, so it’s just never made sense.  But my younger sister who usually plays hostess was out of town, so we decided to step in.  I figured this would also give us control over the schedule, the menu and allow us to make things as casual and fun as we could.  Ridiculous.  I can see my problem already.  I wanted control over this event and that’s just not the way God works, especially on a day meant to glorify His precious gift of salvation!

Up until Sunday, we didn’t know how many people we were going to have.  The menu was entirely too complicated and timed all wrong so that we ended up eating 4 hours later than scheduled.  We ran out of snacks for our guests (as they were waiting 4 hours longer than they expected and got hungry).  By the time everyone was leaving, we were all worn out and I forgot to give out the candy I’d put together for all of the kids, so now it’s all hanging out here at my house.  It’s not that we didn’t have a great time visiting with family and eating a wonderful meal, but Kent and I felt totally stressed when we should have been celebrating.

“When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.”  Romans 5:6

That is the point of Easter, and I missed the boat by trying to control the whole situation and failing miserably.  I really hope I remember this when Christmas comes around.

One thought on “Holiday Let-down

  1. So true! I hear you! I didn’t plan on doing anything for Easter Sunday because we were headed out of town the next day. My husband invited two families over for Easter dinner last minute. Stress over planning and putting a holiday together really does take away from the joy of the holiday. Thanks for sharing!

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