Outside the Zone

I stay incredibly busy pretty much all the time, and there are a lot of times when I’m inclined to complain about how much I have to do or bemoan the elusive life balance with friends.  But the truth is, I really love everything I do!  One of the most amazing things I’m part of is a faith-based anti-human trafficking organization here in Houston.  The other night, I had the opportunity to meet up with another ministry, similar to ours, and participate in their mid-week street worship…. I loved it!

There’s something about praising God outside of my comfort zone that’s so awesome to me.  Doing mission work for the last several years has given me the opportunity to worship in homeless shelters, prisons, foreign countries and on the streets.  I’ve worshipped alongside some of the poorest people in the world, prison lifers, drug addicts, prostitutes, transvestites and gang members.

I love my church.  My amazing, loving, Methodist, suburban church. They’re like family.  But there’s something about being among those that society doesn’t always see that really makes me feel God’s love for all of us.  I feel his love for me and I know that he loves all of the people around me and that he wants me to love them too, and I feel that love for them.

Maybe that sounds a little strange, but hopefully it makes sense 🙂

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