What are you waiting for?

I came across this post on Facebook the other day and it really struck a chord with me.  I don’t know about you, but so often in my life, I wait for just the right time before I do what I might consider “frivolous” things.  You know, a time when I’m not so busy, a time when I’ve got extra money or when the kids don’t need as much of my attention.  Do those times ever really come?  I guess they probably do, in retirement.

As I read this though, I was reminded of my grandmother, who passed away just over 3 years ago.   She was a great hero in my life and I loved talking with her about the past, about family and the world.   For a woman who grew up during the Depression and was a young adult during the WWII era, she was a remarkably modern woman.

She grew up living with her much-older sister’s family, and when she graduated high school rather than get married, she went to work as a secretary.  She had photo albums full of pictures of herself with friends of both genders, having fun, travelling, and living a wonderful single life.  All while maintaining her Christian values.  She married my grandfather when she was 34 years old, long past the time she had been deemed a spinster, and had a long, happy marriage.

While I think all of these things made her extraordinary, they are not exactly why this post made me think of her.  The reason she lived her life the way she did was because she wanted to.  She held to her faith and her values at all times, but if there was something she wanted to do, no reason she shouldn’t do it, then she did it.  I admired that so much.

I’ve tried to follow her example, but I’m one of those people who worries too much about pleasing others, about how I might be perceived if I go against the grain.  But every  now and then I feel inspired and I go for it.  I let my hairdresser (my younger sister) put bright blue and purple streaks in my hair.  I joined an adult soccer league for about 2 years, just so that I could say I was an athlete… for a little while.  Best of all, I took the leap into foreign missions a few years ago, which a lot of people thought was crazy as my youngest daughter was 4 at the time.

Sometimes you have to wait for circumstances to be right, I know that.  But sometimes you get something in your head or your heart and you realize that there’s no time like the present.  Pray about it.  God will let you know if you’re meant to wait or if it’s time to Carpe Diem!

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