Making New Friends

I had absolutely no idea how difficult it would be to make friends, and then keep those friendships going, as an adult.

On the extreme end of the social awkwardness scale as a child and adolescent, I understood this.  I was a cross-eyed kid with a weight problem who changed schools about every year and a half until junior high, so I learned quickly that fitting in wasn’t going to be my “thing” and chose the path of non-conformity.  Certainly I made a some friends along the way, but they were few and far between and I struggled to maintain more than handful of relationships long-term.  But I guess I thought I’d eventually grow out of all of that and learn to relate to people.

A few years ago God brought me to a wonderful church home and family and I’ve made some amazing friends.  It’s been such a blessing to connect with people and share with them, not just on a “church-y” level, but to have our families become friends and our kids grow close.

My family’s choice to homeschool has changed a lot of our relationships over the last year.  My kids and I have been experiencing diminished relationships with a lot of our friends and it’s really starting to sink in, at least for me.  It’s just because our schedules and activities no longer line up , not because my friends don’t care about me or my life!

So I feel like I should find some new friends… not to replace the old ones, who I still love, but friends who have a lifestyle like mine.  This leaves me feeling once again like that socially awkward child, wanting to have friends but not really knowing how to go about finding some.

But I know that God created us to be in community with one another, so I know that I will find people who I can share my life with… I just have to put myself out there, not just for me, but for my girls.


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