So Is This My Job Now?

It occurred to me yesterday, as I was watching my daughter wave her smelly tennis shoe under the nose of a boy in her Taekwondo class, that as a homeschooling mom the burden of teaching my daughters how to behave around boys is going to fall to me.

Which is really as it should be anyway, it just hadn’t hit me until right at that moment…. watching her interact with a boy (who she recently confided in me that she has a crush on) and knowing that these childish flirtations will soon be giving way to something more and I need to be more prepared than I am.   Morgan is going to be 11 next week and it just seems so early and I feel so ill-equipped to teach her something like this.  My relationships with the opposite sex were largely unhealthy ones throughout my teen years and I feel the need to jump in and overprotect, shelter and do everything I can to stop her from being me.

We’ve been blessed over the years to live on a street with lots of kids, specifically girls, my daughters’ ages.  Now as those girls are getting older and entering their pre-teen years though, our street has become very attractive to herds of pre-teen boys that show up every afternoon on bicycles to hang out, talking and being silly.  It’s largely harmless, but I keep a close eye on things and I’ve noticed that a couple of the girls are starting to play games.  Act dumb, show off dance moves, try to get the boy to go “see something” behind a bush or the garage just to see if she can get him alone… it scares me.  But it also makes me glad that we’ve decided to homeschool, and pray that we will be the primary influence in our girls’ lives, not the culture.

So as we start developing crushes and spending time with the opposite sex, I will be in prayer over how to guide my daughters.  How to steer them from “here… smell this” to appropriate, Godly relationships.  I know He will equip me as the need arises… but I admit to being terrified right now.

4 thoughts on “So Is This My Job Now?

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement! I know it’s just going to get harder but He is with me… I just have to rely on Him and trust His guidance. AND teach my girls to do the same!

  1. Hi! I can’t remember how I came across your blog but somehow I had it bookmarked.
    As another mom of growing girls… praying with you. The same God that gave you that wisdom will give you the courage and the strength!

    • Thank you so much for reading, and for your prayers!
      As I fellow mom I know you can relate, it’s a hard job but the rewards are great. Prayers for your journey too 🙂

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