Our Garden Grows

Beginnings of Blueberries

 I’ve never had any interest in gardening before, but  for some reason I chose Botany as our first Science study once we started homeschooling.

I can’t believe it… corn in my back yard.

Maybe it’s because we’re home so much, or maybe because I’ve felt this call to invest so much more of myself in my children, but either way I feel compelled to make our home and our lives more engaging, more fulfilling, and dare I say it?  a little more old-fashioned!  The longer we’re on this journey, the more I want us to become separate from the world and it’s values.

Lovely green tomatoes.

Our garden is like a small, first step in that direction.  A project we can all take pride in, work together on and quite literally, one where we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.  I never thought I would care about gardening at all, but I find myself want to expand it and protect it.pic.twitter.com/RoTznVg0

I already have a Fairy Garden in the works and tons of other ideas on expanding our gardening efforts to make our back yard a place of beauty.  I want my children to be comfortable and happy, to learn to love the beautiful things nature and to know that God has gifted them with a beautiful world

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