Fading into Summer

As a Texan, summer means hot, hot and HOT!!!  But I still love it.

Technically, the hot has already been here for weeks.  We go from the miserable, damp cold of January and February to a few nice weeks scattered through out late March and April, right into shorts, popscicles, swimming and air conditioning!

Like everyone else though, Memorial Day weekend brings the “official” beginning of summer and with it all of the free time and long days that entails.  This will be our first summer as a homeschooling family, therefore my first time to decide how our school year is going to run.  Personally, I’m ready for a break!  But we’re not done with our math curriculum for the year, or our science, and I want to be sure the kids keep up with reading over the next 3 months.  So I imagine there will be some push back as we do a little “summer school” for the first time ever.

But I want to make sure we do plenty of fun stuff too.  I’m considering making a Summer Bucket List; a list of all of the fun things I want us to do as a family this summer and I would LOVE suggestions!  Drive in movie, road trip, tea party… ANYTHING that sounds fun!


3 thoughts on “Fading into Summer

  1. Check out summer reading programs at you local library. I know ours had an awesome program last year that encouraged my eldest to read for just over 70 hours between early June and late July. Also, don’t get too panicky about not finishing a textbook….in public schools they rarely if even finish the books before the end of year. Might be worth getting a science experiment book and doing a couple each week. The hands on is often more educational then a textbook and more fun too. Chances are if you are feeling ready for a break then they probably need one too.

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