Keeping Faith

Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing on September 11, 2001. It will live in our memories forever. I was 24, had just completed grad school in August and had a beautiful 4 month old baby girl. We were taking our time that morning, preparing to go for a walk in the park near our townhouse.

Needless to say, we went nowhere that day. I held my baby and cried in front of the tv, wondering what this world would hold for her. My husband called constantly to make sure we were ok and I waited anxiously for him to get home.

There have been other tragedies in our country since 9/11. Today’s bombings in Boston are, unfortunately, not the first. We can’t help but ask Why when these things happen and there’s never a satisfactory answer, is there?


In 2001, I had no faith. I didn’t pray when the planes came down because I didn’t believe. I couldn’t reconcile these types of events in my own mind, much less figure out how to explain them to my kids!

I still have no answers today, not really. I pray and I trust that God is in control of all things, but I also know that His ways are so much greater than mine, and I’ll never truly understand. That’s still hard to explain to my kids.

I guess what I really hope is that I’m teaching them faith in God, so that they can trust in Him too.

Monday, Monday

I know that nobody out there likes the end of the weekend, the beginning of another week… but I really can’t figure out why I care one way or the other.

I stay at home, so no job to get up early for. I homeschool my kids, so no rushing to make the bus. Our weekends are often hectic and exhausting, so Monday is often a nice day to sleep in. So what’s the big deal?

I think it’s all about bad attitude. At least for me.

I lay in bed too long, wishing it was still the weekend. I drag my feet getting the kids up and going on their schoolwork, which then forces us to rush to our 12:15 Tae Kwon Do class. Lunch is late and usually something terribly unhealthy (and easy). Again we rush, trying to make our 3:00 piano lessons and from there it’s time for me to get started on dinner. All the while the laundry is going (hopefully!!!) and my husband comes home from work just long enough to eat and then head out to a meeting.

And just a minute ago, the toilet overflowed.

It’s a weekly frustration (even the toilet… though that’s not confined to Mondays) but I can’t seem to change the pattern. By Monday evening my bad attitude has given way to weariness, grumpiness and irritability.

I’m still looking for the answer. But for this week, Monday is almost over 😄