It’s Like Going Back in Time…

So I decided that it’s time to go back to school, and I’ve been going through the process of applying to grad schools. It’s really taking me back to my high school days, when getting into college was the focus of my life and caused loads of exciting stress and pressure. If you’re interested in feeling like a teenager again, this is what you need to do:

1. Start looking at a bunch of schools and do lots and lots of research on them. Read about their degree plans and send away for information until you’re buried in paper and blind.

2. Fill out applications. These days this can be done online, so that’s pretty awesome. Although they all seem to want different things so make sure you have every scrap of information about yourself and your past that exists.

3. Write essays. I’m not even in school yet, but I’ve gotten to write lots of them. One school required 3 all on its own!

4. Get people to be references for you. Is this awkward for other people or is it just me?

5. Stress over how you’re going to pay for school. At 37, my parents really aren’t a viable option.

6. Speaking of parents, prepare for the judgment and disappointment over your life choices. Wait… that may be just me again.

7. Wait to be accepted.

I feel younger already.

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