The Real Surprise

I wish I could say that the decision that came out of Ferguson yesterday surprises me, but it doesn’t.

I feel sadness, disappointment, anger and frustration; after all of the delays and “preparations” made before the announcement, no surprise.

What is surprising, even shocking me, are the hateful posts and comments I’m seeing from Christians, and the unapologetic disrespect between friends.

I’m used to seeing opinions opposed to my own on my Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. I have a variety of friends from different backgrounds, living in all kinds of circumstances, and holding a wide range of beliefs.

I’m also used to anonymous trolls on social media. They start fights with strangers on group feeds or subtweet mean things at popular accounts, occasionally even managing to get in on nobody accounts like mine and spout off. They’re annoying, rude, and for the most part, overlooked.

But in the last 24 hours I’ve seen some Christian friends saying things that do not call for peace, justice, prayer, safety; instead justifying violence against the protesters and drawing the lines even deeper.

I've seen fights started within comments of posts between people who are, or now were, friends. Name calling, family insulting, intelligence questioning statements made; none of it necessary to make a point.

I'm not sure what my point is here. Many others have talked about Ferguson, and done so far better than I ever could. I guess I just hoped for more compassion, a stronger sense of justice from my faith community.

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