Week one, ✔️

Wow, this week went by fast. Like, really fast.

Christmas break ended and homeschool started up again with the kids, as well as all of the usual activities that go with it; piano, guitar, art, counselor.

Then there was the orthodontist and an unscheduled trip to the shop for my car.

But what really made my week fly by was my first week of school.

I read hundreds of book pages, multiple articles and workbook lessons, made my first ever forum posts and participated in discussions, made a YouTube introduction of myself and wrote my first paper.

It was a lot of work. Several hours a day, actually. More than I expected.

I love it.

The classes I’m taking are awesome and the things I’m learning already are fascinating! It’s amazing.

One of my classes is Children at Risk, and in my reading this week I came across this poem. It was familiar to me, but I couldn’t figure out why at first.


After a few minutes I remembered where I’d seen it before: my grandma’s refrigerator. It was covered with cartoons, Dear Abby columns, pictures and things like that, but on the side was this poem. I probably ready it a thousand times growing up.

It was a sweet reminder of one of my favorite people and heroes, during my first week of this new endeavor. God’s timing is perfect.

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