Blood For Blood (Would Jesus Be OK With Christians Violently Wiping Out ISIS?)

So many of us are struggling with this right now. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

john pavlovitz


“I want blood.”
“It’s time to nuke the whole damn area.”
“We need to turn the Middle East into a parking lot.”
“Burn every last one of ’em.”

These aren’t the words of some fatalistic card-carrying heathens, or a group of wild-eyed anarchists bent on blowing-up the world.

These are the words of faithful, loving, professed followers of Jesus Christ.

They are the guttural responses of Christians, to the unfathomable new horrors revealed on our news feeds each day at the hands of ISIS; responses that are understandable, justifiable, and completely natural—but are they Christlike?

This certainly isn’t the first time followers of Jesus have had to wrestle with the seeming incongruity of complete devotion to a teacher who preached so clearly and consistently against violence and force, and yet the overwhelming desire to utilize both; but it is an extremely challenging and pressing one.

The terror we’re witnessing is beyond comprehension; the brutality, staggering. It’s as wasteful…

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