Wrong turn

Tonight I drive to my class, as usual. It starts at 6pm so i make my way into Houston from the suburbs in rush hour, and exit off of the freeway into one of the most congested areas in town.

I know the area well; I’ve been coming to class here all quarter. My kids’ pediatrician is down here. I used to live here.

Yet somehow, I get into the left turn lane without thinking and prepare to turn onto the wrong street.

I don’t realize it so I just sit and stare out the window. As I’m waiting, I see a man holding a sign with the words, “Any little bit helps.” This isn’t a rare sight, Houston has a sadly large homeless population. A few years ago I began keeping small bags of snacks and cash in my car so that I would have something available to give when I could.

What was rare was how he took the bag and immediately left the corner, opening it and taking out the food as he walked away. At such a busy time of day with so many cars coming by, he took the little bit of food and money and went to rest and eat rather than stay and possibly get more money.

Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. ~ Proverbs 30:8

I obviously have no idea why this man chose this moment to go and sit rather than continue to stand at the corner. Maybe he was just tired. Or hot. Or just ready for a break. But I thought of this verse and wondered if perhaps he simply had what he needed now. A little food, a little money and this was enough.

I realized after I’d left the corner that I’d gone the wrong way, but it was OK.

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