Ashley Madison, Infidelity, And Why Your Spouse Probably Deserves Your Passwords

A great post by John Pavlovitz on fidelity and trust in marriage.

john pavlovitz


The hacking of AshleyMadison and the subsequent release of the personal information of many of its 28 million subscribers is causing violent ripples in homes throughout the world, even as we speak. The website, which caters to married people looking for extramarital encounters and has been compromised by cyber-activists, is now relegated to the role of helpless witness as the names and sordid secrets of its clientele are being broadcast for everyone (including their devastated spouses and families) to see.

It’s a human tragedy on a scale that we probably can’t really calculate with words; not merely the leak itself, but the fact that such a business exists at all and has found such numerous and willing participants. It’s a testament to the complete disregard by so many married people, for those they once vowed devotion to for the remainder of their lives; a frightening sign that Marriage isn’t quite as sacred as many involved have claimed.

As a pastor who has walked families through infidelity and…

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