She will now never know justice, because you, a vice cop who knows this game, decided to pick up a prostitute.

Really? You’re involved in prosecuting a trafficking case and this is what you’re doing in your spare time?

Now a 23 year old girl who was trying to turn her life around after years of pain and abuse will never be proven a victim. Now she’ll have to stand beside her trafficker and face charges too because he’d had her so long he had her overseeing his other girls. And she’s facing life in prison because you screwed her over.

And now that she knows her case has been thrown out and that the one pending against her is going to go forward, she’s gone off the rails because she’s not done healing. It’s only been 14 months since she came out of the life and that can’t erase a lifetime of abuse. She’s scared and she’s making bad decisions and it’s getting ugly.

I hope you’re happy. I’m sure your badge will keep you from any actual jail time. You may get bumped out of vice for a while, but that thin blue line isn’t so thin really. You’ll be fine.

Sparrow #53 may not be.

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