What just happened?

So it turns out becoming a missionary and being in graduate school and having a family is kind of a lot to do.  It’s all, “YAY I’m a missionary!” and then life starts moving so fast you don’t have time to do things like grocery shop and pretty soon your kids are complaining about starving and not exaggerating for once!

It’s been a crazy couple of months.  I lost my car in the flooding back in April and within 24 hours was on a plane to Orlando for a conference.  No sooner had I landed a few days laIMG_3575ter did I get to go car shopping so that life could go on uninterrupted.  Inconvenient, but it could have been worse.  Within a week of replacing my car, we had a water leak in the house that caused us to have to rip up all of the flooring in about half the house and we’re just now putting the mess back together.


A friend told me that if satan was working this hard against me I must be doing something good.  I’m not sure how good, but I’ve certainly been busy!  The majority of April and May were spent getting ready for my director’s upcoming (now) sabbatical in which I would be stepping into his role.  It was a busy time in the ministry in general, with a lot of transition and a lot of emotion; we had staff members transitiIMG_8102on out of the ministry and women move on from our program, as well as new staff come in and start learning the ropes.  Our assessment center has new ladies being referred in constantly, and one moved into our long term restoration program.  We’ve dealt with health issues, both physical and mental, and celebrated a baptism with one of our sweet ladies.  Criminal charges have been dropped against another, and the women in our restoration program volunteered to serve the homeless.  The last several months have certainly been full.

So now it’s June and I have stepped (temporarily) into the Executive Director role for Redeemed and things are still standing 🙂  Please pray for me and the ministry over the next 6 months as we make our way without our regular leaders… pray that it will be a growth process for all involved.

Also, I’ve been so busy that fundraising has been a total afterthought… I’d love to talk to people about this ministry and what I’m doing so if anyone is interested in supporting me or Redeemed, please let me know! 🙂

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