Time, stand still

It’s inevitable that our will kids get older, and that we as parents will be sad. It’s obvious, and cliché, and silly to want to turn back the clock to the days when my now 14-year-old daughter was a baby, and I could still hold her and hug her anytime I wanted. Doesn’t stop it from being true.

IMG_3189It’s been a hard year for her. She’s been in counseling all year, working mainly on her anxiety, depression and social skills due to her autism. She’d decided that for this year that she’d like go back to public school, despite having been homeschooled since the fifth grade, so even though I wasn’t really on board with the idea we went for it.

It went terribly. All of the progress she’d made getting her anxiety under control went right out the window and the depression we thought was now taken care of with medication came roaring back, complete with suicidal thoughts. The school wouldn’t work with us to provide accommodations and Morgan wasn’t capable of waiting for us to fight it out.

We went back to homeschooling but damage had been done and smoothing out the routine of homeschooling has been a long process. I don’t think we’re there yet, despite the fact that the school year is about over.

She’s changed so much this past year. She’s questioned everything, from authority to her faith to her gender identity. While Kent and I struggle to keep up with what new idea she’s going to latch on to next, we’re praying constantly that she will stay close to us so that we will at least be aware enough to respond correctly. I think about how hard it is for us, but then I remember how much harder it must be for her. In the end this is her life and her journey

She’s beautiful and smart, artistically and musically gifted and the people she allows to know her love her deeply. I’m so grateful to be her mother.

Happy birthday Morgan, my love.

Special days

Happy Easter to you!

I’ve spent mine with family, celebrated my mother in law’s birthday, watched the kids do three separate Easter egg hunts and played guitar in two church services. It’s been good.

I’d have to say my favorite part though was looking out from the stage this morning to see my 13 year old daughter in church, singing along in worship.

She declared herself agnostic last year and hasn’t come to church in a long time, but our deal was that she would come on holidays and other special occasions. This has been hard for me as I’ve started seminary, and essentially committed to a life of serving Christ as a vocation, which needs a family’s support.

While I’m not going to jump the gun and declare victory over her return to Christianity, this was an encouraging sign and made this day even more special.

Praying that everyone had a great day celebrating the resurrection 🙂


Some days

Sometimes all you need is a day at the beach to make everything feel right. 



Beautiful weather, nothing but the sound of the waves and my playlist, and my kids; these are the days that make life good. 

I’m going to Kenya!! Help me please!!

So on Tuesday I had lunch meeting with a wonderful lady, Marty, who was giving me great information about trip opportunities for my church to go to Kenya. She’s led trips there many times and as missions chair of my church I’m looking for new opportunities. We had a great lunch and she gave me TONS of contacts and my friend and I left overwhelmed with great ideas!

Well the next morning (yesterday!) I got a message that Marty’s Kenya team for June has 1 open spot… do I want it?


The dates work perfectly with my quarter break from school, I have nothing else on my calendar, I can’t wait!!

The only drawback is that I have about 17 days to raise the funds for this… and Africa isn’t cheap! So I’ve got a link here for my GoFundMe page if you wouldn’t mind taking a look and if you don’t feel like donating that’s cool! If you’d please pray for me that would be great and if you wouldn’t mind sharing the page I’d really appreciate it!!

Thanks 🙂



Mr. Smith goes to Austin

I took my kids on a field trip to Austin the other day to learn about government. We had a great time and they learned lots, and I got to take a few pictures 🙂

IMG_3509 IMG_3515   IMG_3516IMG_3513IMG_3529  IMG_3508IMG_3517IMG_3535Pretty cool place.