I want to be a minimalist

I love the whole minimalist movement that’s going on right now.

I so want to be organized and purge all of my unnecessary belongings, to have “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Here’s the problem, or rather problems:

I’m not a particularly neat person. My husband and kids are downright messy. They’re also hoarders. And while I love having things neat, I can’t seem to actually make that happen.

I know that sounds like an excuse, or laziness, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I genuinely lack the capacity to create order out of chaos. I look at a closet full of towels, sheets, blankets,board games, photo albums, and who knows what else and I am overwhelmed. I may start with a plan (that I got off of Pinterest!) but somewhere along the way it all becomes too much and I find things that don’t fit into the categories I’ve made, or don’t look right in the bins I’ve bought and now I’ve got to clean it all up because I’ve dragged evERYTHING OUT OF THE CLOSET AND IT’S JUST SITTING HERE IN THE LIVING ROOM IN PILES SO I STUFF IT INTO THE BINS AND CRAM IT IN THE CLOSET AND NOTHING IS BETTER!!!!!

And that is the story of how I reorganized my linen closet this week.

But seriously, I need things to be neat and orderly. My brain needs it. I look over the clutter that is my home and my eyelid starts twitching and I can’t focus on the things I so desperately need to get done! When I browse pictures of beautifully decorated homes and fantasize, I’m not looking at castles and mansions, I’m looking at small, neat, clean spaces with lovely accents to make it homey.

I wish I could get home.

A Little Whimsy

So last week I took a little break from being boring and participated in a scavenger hunt called GISHWHES. Not a complete break… I still had school work and ministry stuff, but I made a commitment to being ridiculous with a friend of mine and it was awesome.

Here are few of the things we got up to!

Vacuuming my lawn, June Cleaver style!
Vacuuming my lawn, June Cleaver style!
The Flushing Fairy
On my way to a gala in my construction paper dress!
A dress made of flowers in the city

We got lots of stares and laughs as we were out doing these and other silly pictures and videos, and it was amazing. We’ll definitely be doing this again next year, and inviting even more friends to participate! 🙂

Have a fun week!!

Wrong turn

Tonight I drive to my class, as usual. It starts at 6pm so i make my way into Houston from the suburbs in rush hour, and exit off of the freeway into one of the most congested areas in town.

I know the area well; I’ve been coming to class here all quarter. My kids’ pediatrician is down here. I used to live here.

Yet somehow, I get into the left turn lane without thinking and prepare to turn onto the wrong street.

I don’t realize it so I just sit and stare out the window. As I’m waiting, I see a man holding a sign with the words, “Any little bit helps.” This isn’t a rare sight, Houston has a sadly large homeless population. A few years ago I began keeping small bags of snacks and cash in my car so that I would have something available to give when I could.

What was rare was how he took the bag and immediately left the corner, opening it and taking out the food as he walked away. At such a busy time of day with so many cars coming by, he took the little bit of food and money and went to rest and eat rather than stay and possibly get more money.

Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. ~ Proverbs 30:8

I obviously have no idea why this man chose this moment to go and sit rather than continue to stand at the corner. Maybe he was just tired. Or hot. Or just ready for a break. But I thought of this verse and wondered if perhaps he simply had what he needed now. A little food, a little money and this was enough.

I realized after I’d left the corner that I’d gone the wrong way, but it was OK.


I just don’t feel like being friendly.

The weekend has been long and taxing and I’ve had to be “on” way too much and I’m done being social. All of the voices echo in my head and I can’t keep focused or still; it hurts my brain and makes me want to disappear for a while.

Maybe that’s rude or weird or hard to understand, but sometimes being around people is exhausting…

You know?

Some days

Sometimes all you need is a day at the beach to make everything feel right. 



Beautiful weather, nothing but the sound of the waves and my playlist, and my kids; these are the days that make life good.