Some days

Sometimes all you need is a day at the beach to make everything feel right. 



Beautiful weather, nothing but the sound of the waves and my playlist, and my kids; these are the days that make life good. 

Learning Experience

It’s funny how sometimes the thing you’ve been the most afraid of is the thing you end up being blessed the most by.

I said at the beginning of the fundraising endeavor that asking for money was the one thing I’ve always dreaded about being a missionary. I started this campaign with a limited time frame and a large monetary goal and at a time when I have been extremely busy. There’s a lot about this effort that could have gone very poorly.

I love that this came up during Lent.

IMG_4464The focus on prayer during this season has drawn me even closer to God and allowed me to maintain a peaceful attitude during a time when I might have otherwise been very anxious. I’ve kept calm and positive and in only 15 days, friends, relatives and acquaintances have stepped in and donated money and offered encouragement and prayers; I’m absolutely stunned!

It’s been so humbling to see so many people be willing to be a part of something I saw as mine. I started this two weeks ago feeling like I was asking for money so that could take this trip to Kenya but God has shown me that none of this is mine.

I’m not sure why I have to learn this over and over again!

This trip is not mine; it is not for me or about me. I am taking part in this trip, that was orchestrated by God, as a servant. I haven’t been asking for money to go on a trip, I have been giving people an opportunity to take part in God’s mission. Through these donations he will be building a house for a widow, he will be ministering with school children and women with AIDS and he will be providing medical care to those without access to a clinic.

None of this has anything to do with me. At all.

Thank you again so much to all of you who have contributed, who have prayed for me, who have given me kind words and shared in my excitement over this opportunity. I’m so grateful for all of you!

I’ll be ending the fundraiser tomorrow so this will be the last post I’ll make about it… I’m almost at my goal of $2500 🙂

Thank you.

I’m going to Kenya!! Help me please!!

So on Tuesday I had lunch meeting with a wonderful lady, Marty, who was giving me great information about trip opportunities for my church to go to Kenya. She’s led trips there many times and as missions chair of my church I’m looking for new opportunities. We had a great lunch and she gave me TONS of contacts and my friend and I left overwhelmed with great ideas!

Well the next morning (yesterday!) I got a message that Marty’s Kenya team for June has 1 open spot… do I want it?


The dates work perfectly with my quarter break from school, I have nothing else on my calendar, I can’t wait!!

The only drawback is that I have about 17 days to raise the funds for this… and Africa isn’t cheap! So I’ve got a link here for my GoFundMe page if you wouldn’t mind taking a look and if you don’t feel like donating that’s cool! If you’d please pray for me that would be great and if you wouldn’t mind sharing the page I’d really appreciate it!!

Thanks 🙂


Good to be Home

Well, I’ve been home for almost 4 days now, and as much as I’ve wanted to post an update here I still just don’t have a coherent line of thought processed.

It was an amazing trip.  I felt breathtaking joy, love, connection and closeness with God;  I also felt heartsick, confused, ashamed and overwhelmed.

I was so ready to be home, but now that I’m here I’m exhausted, unfocused and procrastinating on the things I need to get done.  This isn’t really a new phenomena, I always take a long time to decompress after a mission trip…. it’s just frustrating in the middle of it.

Be back in a few days when I’ve caught up on sleep and my brain has had a chance to reboot 🙂

Off to Africa

In just over 12 hours I’ll be leaving my house and heading for the airport.  I, and 5 other members of my church, will fly from here to Newark, NJ where we will meet up with 4 people from Asheville, NC that we’ve never met.  From New Jersey we’ll head to Brussels, Belgium and then on to Kigali, Rwanda where we will spend 10 days.

I’ve said good-bye to my girls, who headed off with my mom earlier today.  I’ve crossed everything off of my “to-do” list and packed my bags.  All of my travel documents, vaccination records and medications are gathered in one place.

This not my first mission trip, but it is my first trip to Africa and I’m excited and nervous and feeling a little bit overwhelmed in that way you get when you just don’t know what’s coming.  It’s not a bad feeling, I love an adventure and I can’t wait to get there, it’s just the tension… the excitement.

Please pray for me and my team, that we will be open to the Holy Spirit and be ready for what God has in store for us and for those we’ll be encountering.  Pray for health and stamina as we enter an environment we are unused to and likely less than ideal with food and sleep conditions.  Pray that eyes will be opened to the lessons that God is teaching through this trip and through these vastly different people.

Thank you, and see you when I get back 🙂