Counting my Blessings

I’m going to add to this list as often as I can, just as a way of reminding myself to be thankful at all times!

1. A Savior who loves me

2. A husband who loves me and supports me

3. 2 healthy, beautiful, smart, loving daughters

4. A comfortable home with a cozy bed to get into at night

5. All of the food I need, and more

6. A church home I love

7. True friends

8. The means to stay home and homeschool my girls

9. A great homeschooling community

10. A passion for reading

11. Parents who love me, and have always shown it

12. A love for music, and the ability to play instruments

13. A group of families for our family to share our lives with

14. My parents’ 38th anniversary today, a great model of commitment!

15. The beginning of summer, my favorite season

16. Friends with babies for me to hold 🙂

17. My dog

18. The opportunity and ability to serve at church and at Redeemed

19. The chance to go to Rwanda this summer

20. The trips I’ve made to Brazil and friendships I’ve formed there

21. An amazing children’s program at Good Shepherd!

22. Being able to serve alongside awesome people

23. My Wednesday night youth girls

24. My book club girls… LOVE them!!

25. My Joan 🙂

26. My trip to Rwanda – it was amazing!

27. Friends who love me when I do incredibly stupid and immature things

28. My girls getting along all day 🙂

29. Having family I can count on to take care of my kids when I’m gone for 2 weeks

30. Nearing the end of our second year of homeschooling and still working great

31. A weekend at my favorite place in the world

32. Family who is willing to help me when I have travel opportunities

33. Meeting Isaiah

34. My accountability girls

35. The opportunity to do outreach to those in the bondage of slavery

36. Our 3rd year of homeschooling starting

37. My bff, Lizzie

38. My beautiful bedroom, where I go to escape and read books for hours

39. The FCYF in Rwanda where Isaiah goes to school

40. My friend Elie, who runs FCYF and inspires me to do more for children with special needs

41. The opportunity to go back to school

42. A lifelong appreciation for music

43. Poetry

44. Alone time

45. People to pray for me when I can’t do it myself

46. My small group

47. The chance to travel in the next few months

48. How much I’m loving school

49. A great trip to Kenya

50. And a great trip to Mexico City

51. The opportunity to be Operations Director for Redeemed

52. Time with my children

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